Welcome! My name is Eleonora Sfrappini and I am a PhD candidate in the Financial Markets department at the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) in Halle, Germany. My advisors are Michael Koetter and Lena Tonzer.

My research interests are in banking, climate finance, and financial regulation. My work spans two broad topics. The first focuses on climate transition risks and credit allocation. I explore this topic from two angles, investigating how banks consider their borrowers’ transition risks and how borrowers exposed to transition risks adjust to changes in access to funding. The second topic concerns financial regulation and the impact it can have on banks’ funding costs and lending choices.

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Contact: Eleonora.Sfrappini@iwh-halle.de

News and highlights:

Oct 2023: My paper "Financial Constraints and Emission Intensity" was awarded the 2023 FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability Research Grant              ➡️ Check out the video!

May 2023: I visited the London School of Economics and Political Science hosted by Prof. Martin Oehmke

Sept 2022: My paper "Completing the European Banking Union: Capital cost consequences for credit providers and corporate borrowers" with Michael Koetter, Thomas Krause and Lena Tonzer got published in the European Economic Review

June 2022: My paper "Climate Change-Related Regulatory Risks and Bank Lending" with Isabella Mueller is out as an ECB Working Paper

Spring 2022: I visited the University of Zurich hosted by Prof. Steven Ongena

April 2021: I have been awarded the ECB Lamfalussy Research Fellowship together with Isabella Mueller for our joint project "Climate Change-Related Regulatory Risks and Bank Lending"